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Thursday 3 February 2022

Faceted Hexagonal Aperture Card


Hi everyone, today I want to show you how to make Faceted Hexagonal Aperture Box Cards. They fold flat for posting and the final footprint of them is about 6x6 (you’ll need an envelope for a 6"x 6" card for it to fit into). They are great for any kind of card occasion.





You will need:


  • 6” x 11 ¾”

Matt card:

  • Four - 2 5/8” x 5 ¾”

Pattern Card

  • Four – 2 3/8” x 5 ½”


  • ¾” x 5 1/8”

  1. Score basecard at 2 7/8”, 5 ¾”, 8 5/8”, 11 ½”. Then fold and burnish along scorelines.

  2. Take a ruler and pencil and use it to mark along the 5 ¾” line (should be the centre line). Make your marks at 2 ¼” and 3 ¾”. (mark those out again over a little bit and join them up to help when cutting the lines).

  3. Using your ruler again measure 1 1/2” either side of both of the central scorelines and draw a line along it.

  4. Along the central scoreline measure down from the top ¾” and make a mark, then measure from the bottom up ¾” and make a mark.

  5. Next, score from the mark you just made along the central scoreline to the corners of your lines you drew previously. (Press firmly and ensure you have scored them well. This will make the top and bottom points of the Hexagonal Aperture).

  6. Next, using your cutting mat and craft knife, cut along the pencil lines you drew previously and join those cuts to cut out a rectangular window. Then fold along the diagonal crease lines and fold the whole thing in half ensuring it folds in the right place. Then use bone folder to burnish. You should now have the Hexagonal Faceted opening.

  7. With your card still folded, lay one of the matt card layers into position on the section with Hexagonal Faceted opening and using wahsi tape keep it in position. Then flip the card over and draw on the back side of your matt card around the Aperture opening with a pencil.

  8. Remove the matt card and, using a ruler, draw another line bordering the Aperture line you just drew. Get a second matt card and secure both matt pieces of card together using washi tape with the front sides of the card together and the back sides of the cards facing out. This will allow you to cut along the bordering line leaving you with the Hexagonal Faceted opening on both cards.

  9. Repeat the last two step again on the pattern card, this time using your matt card Hexagonal Aperture as the stencil.

  10. Once you have completed that, stick the pattern card on to the matt card carefully lining up the Hexagonal Aperture opening. Then you can stick those cards on to the basecard carefully lining up the Hexagonal Aperture opening. (If you have any pencil marks on your basecard rub them out before sticking the cards on).

  11. Get the acetate and stick it on the reverse side of your basecard across the Aperture opening. You can now close up the card, stick the tab on your base card to the inside of the card so that it will be hidden.

  12. Next, Get your last two pattern cards and stick them on to the front of the matt cards.

  13. Now stick the matt and pattern layers on to the back of the card on the inside so you can see it through the Hexagonal Aperture opening.

  14. Fold the card flat so you can see the front of the card and stick a bit of tape on the middle of the acetate, get your greeting and stick it on. (You don’t want the entire width of the greeting stick down otherwise it won’t pop out).