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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Dovecraft Kiss & Makeup Tote Gift Handbag

Love these Monochrome papers from First Edition's "Blackout" paper pad - and they team up so well with the embellishments from the Dovecraft Kiss & Makeup range! I'm particularly loving those Kiss & Makeup brads!!! So I made a little Tote Gift Bag:-

I also made another Tote Gift bag using the stunning First Edition Wild Flower papers!!!

Picnic Basket

Love this picnic basket! - especially the way the top opens just like a real picnic basket! This one was made from the fabulous First Edition Sweet Nothings paper pad:-

Slatted Gift Basket

I made this cute little basket from the gorgeous First Edition Wild Flower paper pad:-

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Double Gatefold Double Peekabo Birthday Card

Here's a double gatefold, double peekaboo card that I made using the fabulous Dovecraft Painted Blooms papers and stamps:-

Kiss & Makeup Envelope Fold Card

I made an envelope fold card using the gorgeous Dovecraft Kiss & Makeup range:-

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Deco Fold Card

I made these cards a week or so ago, but have only just got round to putting it on my blog!! I'm not sure what the proper name is for this fold, but I am calling it the Deco Fold - as someone commented that it looked quite Art Deco!

It's a very simple card to make!
Here are the instructions:-

1) Take a 6x6" card blank, and turn it round so the fold is at the top - like a tent card.
2) Measure one and a half inches down the right hand side from the fold and mark.
3) Mark on the left hand side the same (i.e. one and a half inches down from the fold).
4) Make a mark halfway along the bottom edge (i.e. at 3")
5) Score from the top right hand corner down to the bottom centre mark.
6) Score from the top left hand corner down to the bottom centre mark.
7) Score from the 1 1/2" mark on the RHS down to the bottom centre mark.
8) Score from the 1 1/2" mark on the LHS down to the bottom centre mark.
Your card should now look like this (you might have to look closely to see where my dashed score lines are on the picture!):-

9) Fold the two outside score lines with a valley fold, and the two middle score lines as a mountain fold so it looks like this:-

10) Now, apply double sided tape to the inside of the creases to stick the folds back so your card looks like this:-

 11) Now it's time to decorate your card and add backing papers, etc!!

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Christmas Quarter Fold Card

I love this card shape - It's so easy to make but is so effective and is great if you want to sen someone money of a gift card inside the birthday card! It's also a great shape for wedding invites - as you can have inserts inside the card for the invite, RSVP, reception details, Map of how to get to the reception, and also wedding gift list info.

I have made a Christmas Card here with it - using the fabulous First Edition "A Christmas Story" papers:-

To make this card, all you need is a sheet of A4 card.
1) Fold both sides into the middle to make a long skinny gatefold card.
2) Open the card back out again.
3) Fold top and bottom into the middle to create a gatefold card the other way round.
4) Now fold one flap over, then fold down the flap to it's right, and the next flap round to it's right, and then on the last flap, tuck half in under the first flap, and the rest goes on top of the previous flap - like when you shut cardboard box.
5) Now you can decorate it. Make sure you have the card all folded shut before you add embellishments to the flaps - otherwise you could end up putting embellishments in the wrong places!!!