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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Fun Flap Fold Card

I've made Joy fold Cards before - but when I saw this card fold online, I liked the way the die cut overlapped the opposite card. So I had to have a go!

Sunburst Card

I see lots of starburst cards online that have been made using a die. However, this is a simpler version that is way easier to make!

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Star Pouch Gift Box

I saw this gift box online and had to have a go with it! I used First Edition Pick 'n' Mix papers.

Hexagonal Pop-Up Box Card

I saw this card fold online and had to have a go! I was looking for a different type of Pop-up box card, and this nicely fitted the brief! I've made my own template as I couldn't find one. I've also attached a video tutorial at the end.

Hexagonal Pop-Up Box Card Tutorial

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Shutter Birthday Card

A slightly more normal shutter card than the previous one! For this card I used First Edition Beyond The Shore papers. The template for this card is shown at the bottom of the post:-

Four Flap Fold Card

I saw this card on pinterest, and just had to have a go at making it! It's really very easy to make - as it only uses a 12x12 sheet of coloured card. The last picture shows how it's made. I used First Edition Wanderlust papers for this card.

Seesaw Shutter Card

Seesaw Shutter card made with the First Edition Wanderlust papers. I've put a copy of the template at the bottom of this post:-