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Monday, 14 March 2016

"So Chic" Braided Edge Gatefold Birthday card

I love the braided edge technique - so decided to merge it with the gate fold style of card, and the new Simply Creative "So Chic" papers. And this was the result:-

  1. Take a piece of 12" x 6" double sided patterned cardstock.
  2. Die cut the 2 edges so that they are rounded. (I used a large circle die - and only half cut the card - so that only the ends of the card were cut.)
  3. Make a light mark at 6" and then fold both ends into meet in the middle at this mark. You have now created your gate fold card.
  4. Print a braided edge template (found below) off onto printer paper.
  5. Fold the paper in half along the centre line (the line that runs down the middle of the chevrons).
  6. Lay the paper around the outside folded edge of your pattern cardstock and hold or tape into position to make sure it doesn't move.
  7. Using sharp scissors, carefully cut along the diagonal lines - making sure you cut the exact length of each line.
  8. When completed, remove the template, and attach to the other side - making sure you lay it on the right way round - i.e. the same way up as you did on the previous fold.
  9. Repeat steps 6-7 again.
  10. Set the template aside.
  11. Open up both folds and lay the card flat on a work surface. 
  12. Starting at the top, fold down every other chevron strip.
  13. When you get to the bottom strip, cut it off - just the bottom strip!!! - and keep - as you will need this piece for the top of the card.
  14. Carefully stick that piece onto the top of the card and tuck the point under the chevron below.
  15. Tuck each folded chevron strip under the one below as you go down the card until you reach the bottom.
  16. Carefully fold the card back in half - to create half of the gate fold card.
  17. Repeat steps 12-16 on the other side.

To complete this card, I punched a hole in the front of the gate fold card front flaps and threaded ribbon through to keep them shut, and added a stamped wooden tag. I also die cut some small flowers (using the First Edition Flower dies), and a few tiny butterflies (using the Tiny Tatty Teddy Girl dies). I finished it off with some small pearls.
If you get stuck, just type in "Braided Edge Card" into You tube and you'll find a few tutorials on there to help you.

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