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Sunday, 24 July 2016

3D Aperture Card

Today I decided that I had to get the First Edition Paradise Crush papers out again as they are so fabulous! So I made 2 cards:- Firstly I made a 3D Aperture card:-

This is a very easy card to make:-
1) Take 2 pieces of 8x8" card and cut both of them down to 6x8"
2) On both pieces of card, score at 1/2"& 1" from both sides (i.e. on the left side score at half an inch, and at 1 inch. Then on the right side score in (from right to left) at half an inch and at 1 inch). This will mean that the bit in the middle measures 6" wide and 6" tall.
3) Cut a circular aperture out of the centre of the front piece of card.
4) Put some double sided tape down the first half inch strip on the left and some down the half inch strip on the right.
5) Peel the backing off the tape and stick the front piece of card to the back piece of card.
6) Fold along the score lines so that you form a box type shape - i.e. the shape of the card (see photo of finished card above).
7) Decorate the card! I used First edition Butterfly dies, First edition foliage dies & First Edition traditional sentiment dies.

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